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Linde Gases Division
Seitnerstrasse 70
82049 Pullach

Tel: +49 89 7446 0
Fax: +49 89 7446 1144
E-mail: contact@linde-gas.com

Welcome to Linde Gas Heat Treatment TecPoint

TecPoint is the Linde Gas on-line source of information for the Heat Treatment industry. Registration is simple and FREE to everyone with an e-mail account. Once registered, you will get access to more detailed information such as technical papers and the current Newsletter. Take a look at the previous Newsletters to see what you are missing. TecPoint is designed to serve the heat treatment industry around the world and draws on the wide experience of the Linde Group gained from helping our many customers over the years.

TecPoint - White Papers, Datasheets, Case Studies

TecPoint provides support for heat treatment practitioners, containing a library of on-line documents, from white papers that provide an overview of heat treatment theory and practice in the major application fields, to technical data sheets and case studies that illustrate how Linde Gas solutions support customers to deliver outstanding results in each application field.

TecPoint - Technical Papers

For those who seek a more in-depth knowledge of heat treatment technical issues, TecPoint offers a series of technical papers comprising a collection of monographs, abstracts and research studies that extend understanding in specific application areas. These are available only to TecPoint subscribers.
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